Here’s a list of some of the articles about anarchism & organising that we’ve found interesting in discussing the idea of a federation, which may be of interest to other people. More to come, & please add suggestions in the comments.

A proposal for an Aotearoa Anarchist-Communist Federation (2007)

“In this current period of low levels of social struggle, anarchism across Aotearoa is failing to make any serious headway. Worker’s struggle, while possibly beginning a resurgence over the past 18-24 months, is undoubtedly low. Meanwhile, students are pacified with interest free loans and the days of registry occupations seem long gone, and the struggle for Tino Rangatiratanga remains subsumed in the Maori Party and electoral politics.


Generally, what little explicitly anarchist activity there is takes place in a synthesist fashion. Synthesist (or “big tent”) anarchist groups can involve people from across the anarchist tradition – from anarcho-syndicalists to post-leftists, from platformists to individualists. Because of this, the activity that takes place and the theory that is developed tends to work within the commonalities between all these wide-ranging facets of anarchist theory – generally confined to an opposition to capitalism and the state. This causes few problems, but what is missing from this is activity and the development of theory towards what we are aiming for – our agreement is generally limited to what we are against and very broad and vague statements of what we are for, but getting any more specific in this will bring to light the differences between our schools of anarchism.”

Further thoughts on Aotearoa anarchist organisation (2007)

“Since I wrote What Is To Be Done? A proposal for an Aotearoa Anarchist-Communist Federation, there’s been some interesting questions raised by other anarchists which I thought I’d post my thoughts about here. […]

For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to divide my thoughts into a few sections:

  • Federation or Anarcho-Syndicalist Union?
  • Anarchist-Communist or Synthesist?
  • Federation or Network?
  • The role of local group”

The Organisational Platform of the Federation of Australian Anarchists (1975)

An earlier attempt at a federation.

The Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists (1926)

A classic (1926) document from a group of exiled Russian anarchists calling for the formation of a General Union of anarchists developed with theoretical unity, tactical unity, collective responsibility & federalism.

Reflections from Greece on a Pointless Schism (2007)

Reflections on the split between ‘insurrection’ & ‘organisation’, based on observations of the anarchist movement in Greece.

Federations & networks guide

“Information about different ways of setting up effective organisations that have more than one group or section within them.”


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