Adelaide Federation Discussion

Adelaide Anarchist Federation Discussion Notes 27/02/08  Contributions are from 15 people, from 4 different states, and 2 different countries (AUS/USA)  Pay no attention to the apparent order of the notes, we were pretty all over the place when we talked, but the things that were related are now grouped together, although the groups are still in a random order.  §         The bail/legal aid fund is an awesome idea §         G20 solidarity was an awesome example of that   - How many collectives and individuals will need to be associated with the Federation for it to "work"
§         It will need to include individuals too, not just collectives
§         might it alienate collectives in the same way it might individuals?  §         instead of different groups doing different things, re-inventing the wheel, people can communicate easily and act in unison/with solidarity 
§         AF would support and connect regional activities/groups/collectives/individuals
§         solidarity via strong communication, for campaigns, so individuals and collectives who're focusing on similar goals.  v     There needs to be a better way to get information about events. We're privileged at the moment to be able to access information off of friends,    §         it's no good for people who aren't in our circles to be able to get the same information we do.
§         There will need to be something more than email and internet things for people who don't have that privilege   - Email lists + phone trees would also be risky because of blacklisting, tapping and monitoring isn't favourable,     the neccessity for activities to remain out of state monitoring seems desirable.    - Snail Mail communique's would be easy.    - How could you get onto the email/snail mail/communications list?      - We could use wheatpasted posters and graff to promote our meetings and organisation       - wheatpasting country towns is inefficient and people won't get it.        - another good inefficient suggestion "we could spraypaint information across several freight containers on freight trains, you would know          the information was less than a few days old, because when the trains stop in cities no more than a few days travel apart, the containers          would get taken off and jumbled up."         - it would be good for our information to be readily available in infoshops everywhere in hard copy   - keeping info at just peoples' houses would be an option    - distributing information at gigs and stuff would make it easy access  v     Geographical isolation is important, this could be a way or could work out a way of collectivising diverse ideas and resources.   - It seems really important for us (Adelaideans), who experience isolation/lack of communication from East and West coast groups.
Ø      There are lots of different ways for people to be isolated.        - There's the privilege of communications          - the privilege of having a computer is a tough issue to us(this can apply to homes and phones aswell)        - Not feeling academic enough to attend things        - Not feeling included in the sort of anarcho-punk gathering such as this one(props to J*** who came and participated)               - We feel it alienates other people(immigrant, indigenous) who don't feel in place with the middle-class white kid activist groups.    §         There will be a need for constant communication, otherwise individuals will struggle to keep up. §         How can it be used to get everyone aware? and how will it put people in communication?        v     It also isolates people of other "radical" politics, some of us think that the reds should be involved in this    - It's true that the organisers might be unwanting of reds, just like some of us.     - But the common politics could stretch further to be able to include those who share even just SOME;        e.g. hippies/squatters/normal people not identified as anarchists, libertarians, socialists, green movement etc.   v     AF should definitely be in solidarity with indigenous struggles, some of which although again do not identify as anarchist,   are definitely important things for us to pledge our support to. To recognise their sovereignty and that this is THEIR LAND,
 -this is  regardless of our opposition to property and the segregating effect race specific sovereignty, and to organise with them.   - We think AF will need to be in full support of asylum seekers/immigrants, with a no one is illegal struggle/freedom of movement.  - AF should maintain a clean slate and remain as a method of communication/sharing etc and as a face for our politics, and not to be about DA organising.   - We recognise a neccessity for it to be a group open to all interested.    v     If it won't be used for doing/organising sketchy shit, we can use it as a face for our politics for things like media releases,      like the greens do but cooler and with collective input instead of policy based opinions.    - Media releases can be such things as "this is the issue, the [name of federation] agrees/disagrees with such and such,       this is how we think such and such should go down."       - Groups who would find it difficult to deal with the media due to DA issues etc.. could outreach the task to other groups,       with a clean slate who can deal with the media for them. There would be little "dirt" for the media to pick at, on the        clean slate group, making media releases viable and not damaging.         - how do we organise press statements?        -internet common writing mediums        -meetings just like this too!  - will it have an ability for public disclose?    - This will be an awesome way to remove the taboo from anarchy, and inform people.      - AF can help in the de-romanticising(?) and de-stigmatising of anarchy, and to keep it accessible and open.  §         We identify with the neccessity of a publication §         How will day-to-day administration work? §         How do decisions get made outside this convergence? §         We think that dues also comes down to a matter of privilege and cannot be compulsory or even a stated/scaled amount, nor should it result in       exclusion from the federation which would lead to conflicts amongst us. §   Funds could be raised through fundraising events, gigs, busking, food not bombs, and importantly donations. §   AF will be awesome for Sharing of DA information & skills on a regional and international level.    - And on a global scale AF would be awesome for international solidarity. e.g. collectives/federations in europe could be hooked up with groups here.    - It could be used to support those travelling to join in struggles/activities overseas.  v     Preventing Centralisation   - How do you keep organisation of media releases collective?      --could set up collectives of those interested, specifically for one statement/release and when that is done, disbanded       - We don't want even the idea of a "head office" organisation.  This chat has reduced a lot of the scepticism of the participants  memorable note; we have one up on the cops, because we'll be communicating to each other, unlike them.   Our main points/additions:     §         we'll need to keep it de-centralised   §         We’ll need to work our way around communication and isolation barriers   §         Bail/support fund is awesome   §         AF will be perfect for international solidarity/communication  §         It will be awesome for Media releases   §         It will need to be for individuals and informal groups(like this one!), not just collectives.   Most or all of the people who attended the meeting were in favour of the Federation by the end.   There could be more discussion on the subject soon, to incorporate people who weren't there, and to address other subjects.

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