Some thoughts on the proposed Anarchist Federation
From Mutiny Collective

Please note that the Mutiny Collective is a separate and larger entity than the anarchist federation proposal authors, although they are also members of the collective. During this discussion we attempted to focus on the thoughts of those less involved in the proposal writing. We hope that this is not perceived as a self-endorsement of our own idea!

Firstly we would like to say that we endorse the proposal and the suggested process. We are looking forward to the meeting that is scheduled to take place at Black Rose at 1pm on Monday the 28th (public holiday for Invasion day) for regional groups to discuss how we can move forward with such things as structure for the convergence.

The Melbourne Anarchist Club has generously offered their space for the Easter long weekend.

We would like to see as many people as possible at the Easter convergence, though we acknowledge that not everyone who comes may wish to federate. We understand that there may be difficulties for people who want to attend but live a long way away, so we need to account for this.

A few points that could be added to the proposal would be Ableism in the list of oppressions as it is often ignored. Another point to add in the Living with Hierarchy section would be transparency: i.e. ‘…genuinely leaderless and transparent organising”.

For the convergence itself we see the need for organising things like childcare and accessibility, and also perhaps a template for people who cannot make the convergence about how discussion may be framed so that they can respond and comment.

In response to some of the comments on the blog, we feel that the issue that many have raised as to whether or not it would work to have both groups and individuals involved in the federation, need not be so huge a problem.

We feel that we will have to make an effort to create and upkeep communication so that there are no inequalities. We believe that it is a positive step to include those who may not be involved with groups for whatever reason, such as geographic isolation.

Overall the aim of the federation seems to be about promoting solidarity with anarchists from all parts of the region, and opening up communication about anarchist practice. In that regard, the possibilities of this Federation along with the proposed and slowly coming together Asian Anarchist Network are exciting.

The debate about class is never-ending, we feel that it would be impossible to resolve, and therefore wish to endorse the proposal as written in that respect.

There is always a concern over security that comes from living outside of a bubble, of which is definitely something to be aware. We understand however that we are going to be surveiled anyway, and specific details of what each collective is doing need not be passed on. It is important that our actions as autonomous collectives and individuals should not be curtailed by the federation.

We agreed that in terms of our collective, we would be very interested in opening up a dialogue with other groups that may have different politics from us; we wish to participate & work with others who may not always agree with us in order to learn, and share experiences. It could be a space to talk about what other groups are doing that we don’t do. That said, we acknowledge that there will be a level of difficulty in communicating if there is too extreme a difference in terms of a shared politics.

We believe also that while the federation should not have control over what individual groups/people do, there may be times when the federation may question what is being organised: eg if a group is running for federal elections with no other reason than to gain bourgeois political positions.

We look forward to working together with many new people in the future.


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