Upcoming meetings

There are a number of pre-convergence consultative and organising meetings planned.

Melbourne: Thursday weekly, 6pm, RMIT students association.

Adelaide: Saturday 23rd February, 12pm, the Botanic gardens, near the rotunda. Adelaide federation meeting

Sydney: Weekly organising meetings Saturday, 3pm, Black Rose Books, 22 enmore road, Newtown

Large-scale Sydney meeting on March 15th, 1pm, Jura Books (44o paramatta road, Petersham)


5 responses to “Upcoming meetings

  1. Gabs

    adelaide meeting was good, what an awesome day that was 🙂

    even though he was only with us for 4 days, gosh we’ll miss pat the bunny 😦

    on a funnier note; test on urself, we’re going home – the rabbits

    best graff ever.

  2. popefred

    Only Owen & I turned up at RMIT Students Union…
    Whats going on?

  3. The federation official meeting is coming up this week. I assume people just ..stopped having the other meetings.

    Alas, not 100% sure though.

    Anyway, 1 week!

  4. Cubby

    I am interested in attending some meetings in the city, but live in Warragul. I am new from the states and at times, difficult to connect with folks especially in a semi-rural area and working in academia. Hope to support and act in some capacity.



  5. How can i come into contact with people in katoomba? I was alone and distressed when Ratzinger and his followers came here, the front of my house was rapped up with anti papist and anti all religions banners. I even dropped at Jura some time before their arrival but it did not look like anything specific was about to happen to unwelcome this dangerous lot.
    I have plenty of time to dedicate to this problem and I need to meet people who are worried about the power and impact of religions, here and everywhere.
    Is anybody here?
    Ni dieu, ni maitre (neither god -no capital letter -nor master ).

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